【Hamura City】Guidelines for using childcare facilities during COVID-19 disaster term

2022年2月2日 水曜日投稿

羽村市作成「コロナ禍における保育施設利用ガイドライン(第3版) 英語版」です。

Guidelines for using childcare facilities during COVID-19 disaster term (the 3rd version)

Although Daycare Facilities are operated with consideration for the safety of children,the risk of outbreaks cannot be completely prevented. Living in group means that your child is at risk of getting infected and there is also a risk of infecting other people’s children simultaneously. So please follow the rules for each other.

1. Precautions for using childcare facilities

  1. (1) Please refrain from going to the facilities if you can take care of your child at home, such as when you are off work.
  2. (2) In order to reduce the overcrowding in the facilities, during childcare hours (7Am~6PM for regular hours, 8:30AM~4:30PM for short childcare hours),
    regardless of the hours, please cooperate to drop off and pick up child according your office arriving/leaving time of employment.
  3. (3) Be sure to check the temperature and physical condition of the children and families in the morning and evening. If the child has a fever ( 37.5℃ or higher) or cold symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, the childcare facilities will not be able to keep the child until 24 hours have passed after the symptoms have gone. Also, please refrain from going childcare facilities
    even your child is in good physical condition but any other family member has a cold symptom. This does not apply if the doctor determines that the respiratory symptoms are not caused by an infection.
  4. (4) If the child is identified as a close contact, please contact the childcare facility immediately. The childcare facility will not be able to keep your child for 10 days from the last day of close contact with the infected person (even if the PCR test shows negative result).
  5. (5) If your child is to undergo a PCR test due to doctor’s diagnosis, please contact the childcare facility immediately. The school will not be able to keep your child until the PCR test confirms negative (even after the negative result is confirmed, the school may not be able to keep child for a certain period of days under the guidance of the Health Center).
  6. (6) If the family member living with the child is identified as a close contact and the doctor diagnoses to undergo a PCR test, the child can still go to the childcare facility if the child is not identified as a close contact. However, please refrain from picking up and dropping off child from the same family who have identified as close contact or who have undergone a PCR test during the designated standing at home.
  7. (7) If the child is in confirmed infection, regardless of the symptoms is showed or not showed out, the childcare facility will not be able to keep child until the doctor proves that is has been cured.
  8. (8) If any family member living with child is confirmed infection, please contact the childcare facility immediately. If the child is not identified as a close contact, it is possible to go to school after paying close attention to child’s physical condition changes. But please refrain from going to childcare facilities as much as possible from the viewpoint of reducing the risk of spreading the infection.

2. Sharing information

  1. (1) The information provided in [1 Precautions for using childcare facilities] will be shared between the school and the city. Also, if your child has siblings, please be aware that we may provide information to school children’s club staff, elementary and junior high schools, etc. as necessary.
  2. (2) If the child is infected with COVID-19, the personal name and class will be hidden and the information on the progress of infection will be provided to parents through the childcare facilities’ contact network.

3. Temporary Closure

  1. (1) If the child (or any staff member) becomes infected, the childcare facilities will respond based on the guidance of the Health Center. At that time, the childcare facilities may be closed immediately due to disinfection of the facilities and identification of close contacts. The facility is usually closed about 1~2 days, but it may be extended if the infection spreads.
  2. (2) If the childcare facility is temporarily closed, alternative childcare cannot be carried out at other childcare facilities from the viewpoint of reducing the risk of spread of infection, so please be prepared in advance so that you can handle it at home.
  3. (3) The Family Support Center Project which the city entrusts to the Hamura City Council of Social Welfare has a system of mutual assistance between members who provide and receive services for each other. If you meet the conditions such as the date and time, you can request your child to be taken care. To use this system, you need to register as a member in advance. If you have the possibility to use it, please register at the Hamura City Council of Social Welfare (☎042-554-0304 for weekdays only). For details, please check the official website of the city or the Council of Social Welfare.

4. Respect for Human Rights and Protection of Personal Information

Please be careful not to snoop on infected people, discriminate against or prejudice children, or disseminate information on SNS.

5. New Coronavirus COVID-19 Consultation Service

[Weekdays 9AM-5PM]

Nishitama Health Center Counseling Center (☎0428-22-6141)

[Saturdays, Sundays and Night Time]

Returnee / Contact Telephone Counseling Center (☎03-5320-4592)